Free Teaching Partnerships and workshops

All K-12 schools in the NHSaves utilities’ service area* can take advantage of FREE NHEEP curriculum support. A NHEEP educator will work with each teacher to support Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) aligned energy content in their curriculum.  

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS in 2020/21: NHEEP educators will provide flexible support to teachers and students.  Recognizing the challenges schools are facing this school year, this support can include virtual workshops with hands-on components, home learning lessons, and additional custom curriculum support.  NHEEP programming will allow students to continue doing interactive STEM and/or use their own homes to learn about energy use and opportunities to save energy and money.  

Grade range: K–12 teachers.

Our educators are available to discuss the options. Sign up below and your regional educator will be in touch.

* Not including the NH towns served by municipal utilities that are not part of NHSaves: (Ashland, Littleton, New Hampton, Wolfeboro and Woodsville).

Free Curriculum Support Offered

Conservation Kids | grades K-3

Students gain an understanding of what energy is and how it powers our daily lives. They will do hands-on explorations that demonstrate conservation and leave with simple strategies to save energy at home and school.

Electricity & the Environment | grades 4-10

Students learn about electricity and how it powers our world. They will engage in explorations that let them learn more about electrical generation and efficiency.

Home Heat Transfer | grades 6-12

Students explore how they can use less energy to heat their home while still keeping it at a comfortable temperature. This curriculum demonstrates the concepts of thermal energy transfer and familiarizes students with different insulation materials, including the materials’ roles in heat transfer and slowing heat loss, and challenges them to build an energy efficient structure to keep heat in.


Green Energy Careers | grades 10-12

Students investigate home electricity use and create connections between electrical usage, electrical generation and carbon dioxide emissions. They’ll do a hands-on analysis of the benefits available from efficiency improvements and how those can relate to job skills and career opportunities.

Requests are honored first come, first served. Note that you may sometimes need to book a few weeks in advance, depending on the availability of our educators. 


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