Your Energy Stories

VEEP/NHEEP’s mission is to build a deep understanding of energy through education, encouraging choices that result in sustainability in our communities, economy and environment.  

We want to hear about your ……

  • Energy and Climate Action project 
  • Research about an energy or climate topic 
  • Energy/environment awareness campaign
  • Anything else that showcases how you are moving, encouraging or inspiring your community towards energy and climate action

Enter this challenge to share your projects, thoughts, and plans to take action with your community (family, school, town, state, country, the world!) on energy and climate issues.  

How will you take action on these issues in a just and sustainable way?

Highlighted entries have the chance to get published and win prizes!


What form can the story be in?

Any format is welcome. Examples: Essay, letter, poem, comics, infographics, video, art, informational letters 


Who can participate? 

  • K-12 and college students in Vermont and New Hampshire (including homeschoolers) or teachers showcasing student work.  Student work will be judged on an age-appropriate basis.
  • Student submissions should be the work of students themselves, though teachers or parents can guide the process through questions and suggestions.
  • Submissions may be the work of individuals or groups.
  • Please submit edited, legible work.  For student submissions, adult guidance and suggestions are fine, but the edits should be completed by the students.


How do I submit?

Submit by using this Google form

*Important: All submissions must include a parent/guardian permission form for students under age 18. 

*Important: Permission forms must be filled out for anyone represented in images or videos.


When do I submit?

Deadlines are January 31, 2022 and and May 1st, 2022


Where will submissions be published?

We will highlight submissions on our website, in our newsletter, and our social media. Submissions may also be published in local news outlets and/or school websites. 


How are submissions judged?

Submissions will be judged in an age-appropriate manner based on the following rubric questions. Some categories may not be applicable to some formats of submissions:

Does the product use age appropriate concepts and language (spelling, language, grammar, tone, voice, artistic formats)?

Does the product include scientific accuracy, and evidence as appropriate for the format, and listed sources for any research?

Does the product encourage/inspire action, discuss impacts on our environment and climate, or help others make informed decisions? 

Does the product embody ideas of justice, sustainability, and community? 

What is the grand prize?

The winning entry will receive a $150 prize and we will share the winning submission with our media partners for publication!