For New Hampshire Teachers

We support teachers in many ways, from hands-on, in-class student workshops to week-long professional learning institutes to academics-to-action programs for project-based learning. All of our programming is customized to meet your needs as a teacher and your students' needs as learners. Click on an area below to learn more.

Two girls work with a model wind turbine

Energy Teaching Partners Curriculum Support

We have adapted our traditional resources to be used in the COVID-responsive classroom, at home, or in a hybrid between the two.

teacher discussion

Virtual Professional Learning for Teachers

Deepen your understanding and skills with our virtual professional learning opportunities.

two teen boys working on a document together

Project-based and personalized learning

We also offer support for personalized learning and proficiency-based learning. Take action with your class in the Green School Energy Challenge, or bring your teens to the Youth Climate Leaders Academy to hone their leadership skills.

boy using loupe to look at insulation

Kits, Curricula & Resources

Borrow one of our curriculum support kits, with high-quality science equipment for hands-on learning about climate and energy. Or download our NGSS-aligned curricula, storylines or lesson plans.

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Your Energy Stories

NHEEP launched an energy writing challenge for students in fall 2021. Enter this challenge to share your projects, thoughts, and plans to take action with your community on energy and climate issues!