NHSaves LED Fundraiser for Schools

Raise money for your school while helping students and their families save money at home by using more energy-efficient lighting. NHSaves’ LED fundraiser starts with a school-wide assembly by a NHEEP educator on energy efficiency; then, students sell energy-efficient light bulbs to raise money for the school. 


To educate students and their families on the benefits of energy efficient lighting and to contribute funds to area schools.  Schools keep 100% of the money collected.

Program Timeline:   2019/20 School Year

  • Kick-off event/Assembly – You will be asked to give us 3 or more dates that are convenient for  your school for the kick off event.  The assembly will share information on energy efficient lighting and the benefits of saving energy in an entertaining and fun format.  Students will also learn about the fundraiser program guidelines and prizes.  The assembly will last approximately 20-30 minutes.  

  • Order period - Students will have two weeks to sell LED bulbs – All orders and money will be due at the end of two weeks to the school.  Checks are made payable to your school.  The school will provide NHSaves with a spreadsheet of the orders and a copy each student’s order form.  Once NHSaves receives orders your school should expect their products in approximately 3 weeks. 

What your school will get 

100% of the profit from the sale.  Bulbs range in price from $2-$5.

Commitment needed from your school

  • Distribute order forms provided by NHEEP on the assembly day.  See sample order form here.  

    LED Fundraiser image
  • Collect the money due to the school (the school keeps 100% of the funds).    

  • Compile the orders into one spreadsheet and send the spreadsheet and copies of student order forms to NHEEP.  Detailed instructions and a blank spreadsheet will be available.  

  • Distribute orders to each student who participates when they arrive, approximately 3 weeks after the forms are sent to NHEEP.  


Prizes awarded to students based on the number of items sold.  See prize sheet included in info packet.  Prizes are subject to change.  Schools can choose to opt out of offering prize incentives.  See the prizes available here.

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