Summer Institute 2023


Jumping from Joy to Action: Empowering energy and climate changemakers through play, hope, and wonder.

The 2023 VEEP/NHEEP Summer Institute encourages teachers to use play, wonder, and hope as catalysts for inspiring students to make change, and to find joy in taking action.  We will model empowering, interdisciplinary, student-driven instructional practices to connect students to energy and climate topics and to help them find meaningful and authentic ways to be part of evidence-based solutions in their communities.  

Participants will: 

  • Identify curricular pathways and work on standards-aligned unit plans that lead from joyful, hopeful and/or wondrous phenomena/engineering challenges to meaningful energy or climate action

  • Experience hands-on, minds-on lessons from the student perspective, and engage in play each day.

  • Access opportunities for further collaboration with VEEP/NHEEP for student workshops, PD, curriculum development, action projects, and more

  • Become part of our cohort of teachers dedicated both to serving students and moving towards sustainability in our communities, economy and environment

Dates, times, & Location

  • Aug. 7-11, 2023 (times and location TBD)

Credit and cost

Graduate credit will be available. Details/Cost TBD.

We hope to make Summer Institute accessible to all Vermont and New Hampshire educators interested in participating in the program. Please contact us at if you have any questions about the program cost. Out of state educators are welcome to join, but at this time our funding can only subsidize the costs for Vermont and New Hampshire teachers.

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