NHSaves Education Challenge

What is the NHSaves Education Challenge?

The NHSaves Education Challenge invites NH students to respond to questions about energy efficiency and create projects to educate and encourage their community to make sustainable energy choices. Submission format may vary as long as a written component is included with the entry and the project is shareable via local newspapers, on school websites, or other public formats. Winning entries will be selected three times per year, published through various media outlets, and awarded a prize. This challenge is offered by the NHSaves partner utilities (Eversource, Liberty Utilities, New Hampshire Electric Co-op, and Unitil), and is administered by New Hampshire Energy Education Project (NHEEP).

who can participate?

Students in grades K-12 (including homeschool) living or attending school in a community served by the NHSaves partner utilities (Eversource, Liberty Utilities, New Hampshire Electric Co-op, and Unitil) are eligible to participate. Students from schools served by municipal electric utilities, such as in the towns of Ashland, Littleton, New Hampton, Wolfeboro, and Woodsville, are not eligible to participate in this challenge. Immediate families and households of NHEEP employees are not eligible.

When are submissions due?

April 30 for late May publication and awards

View the 2019-20 October winner here, April winner here, and June winner here. 

INstruction sheets & Rubrics

Select your grade band. Instruction sheets contain Challenge guidelines, writing prompts, and standards. Rubrics will be used to assess projects.

Grades K-2

Instruction Sheet


Grades 3-4

Instruction Sheet


Grades 5-6

Instruction Sheet


Grades 7-9

Instruction Sheet


Grades 10-12

Instruction Sheet



The NHSaves Education Challenge runs from August 30, 2020 to June 15, 2021.

For the official rules, click here.

To submit your entry click the relevant form below:

Individual Submission Form

Group Submission Form


1. In order for your submission to be complete every student involved must have a completed Parent/Guardian Permission form on file. This can be filled out virtually as part of the submission process, or a separate rate permission form can be sent to parents/guardians if teachers are submitting the projects.  
2. Please do not submit photos or video of anyone without a Parent/Guardian Permission form.


How is work submitted?

Entries will be submitted online through a Google Form. See form links above in HOW TO ENTER.

IMPORTANT: Please do not submit photos or video of anyone without a permission form.

How many times can I submit?

One entry is allowed per individual/group per year. If you have submitted as an individual, you may not submit again as part of a group; if you have submitted as part of a group, you may not submit again as an individual.

Can work be done in groups?

Yes, but you will need to enter using the group entry form. Parental permission will need to be given for all students in the group.

How are submissions judged?

At least 2 judges will assess each submission based on the rubrics published with each grade level band. For the official rules, click here.

What are the prizes?

The NHSaves utilities will award up to 15 student prizes worth $25 per entry period.  

At the end of the year students who have won a prize will be eligible for a grand prize. All award winning projects will be reassessed for up to 5 students to win merit prizes worth approximately $100.   

Additionally, all teachers who had at least 5 students submit entries will be entered into a randomized drawing for a prize of $200.

When will I find out if I won?

Winning entries will be informed by e-mail within 6 weeks of the submission deadline. Prizes will be sent via US Postal Service mail, and winners will be informed of any publications of their piece. 

Where will winning works be published?

Winning entries will be published on the NHEEP website and social media, and potentially on the NHSaves and utilities’ websites, as well as in local or statewide media sources. Winners will be notified of publication of their work.

Who can I contact for more information?

Email us with any questions at info@NHEEP.org