Renewables By Design

Students are challenged to think like engineers tasked with reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. These on and offline lessons help students develop their understanding of renewable and non-renewable sources of energy and to adapt renewable energy design parameters to produce the greatest amount of electricity and positively affect the environment. Through a series of interactive wind, solar, and hydro lessons, students test variables, collect and analyze data, and start to construct explanations and solutions from the evidence.

Driving question:

What should engineers consider when designing renewable energy technology to optimize electric output?

Learning targets:

  • Identify and cite examples of renewable and non-renewable electricity generation sources.
  • Investigate and identify factors that impact the electric output for solar, wind, and hydroelectric projects. 
  • Identify and propose engineering considerations for developing solar, wind, and hydroelectric projects and back their considerations with evidence from their investigations.

NGSS Standards   

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