Free NHSaves Workshops

NHSaves is offering free NHEEP Energy Teaching Partner workshops to most schools in New Hampshire*. A NHEEP educator will work with each teacher to embed a workshop aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) into their energy curriculum through the co-teaching of energy workshops and by providing follow-up support. Before the workshop, teachers connect by phone or email with a NHEEP educator to tweak lesson plans and worksheets to suit their students. Then the educator will arrive with all materials and equipment to collaboratively run the workshop. Educators can also help with additional equipment needs and suggestions for other lessons and curriculum ideas for a class’s unit of study. 

Grade range: K–12 teachers. Time commitment: 30 minutes collaborative prep, 90-120 minutes in class. Typically workshops are best for up to 25 kids/one classroom

Requests are honored first come, first served. Note that you may sometimes need to book a few weeks in advance, depending on the availability of our educators


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* Towns excluded are Ashland, Littleton, New Hampton, Wolfeboro and Woodsville, since they are not in NHSaves territory. 

Free NH Workshops Offered

Conservation Kids | grades K-3

Young students gain a basic understanding of energy and the importance of conservation and efficiency. Hands-on activities help students explore transportation, basic home appliances, and the difference between human energy and power plant energy, with a focus on simple conservation behaviors that students can do at home or school.

Electricity & the Environment | grades 4-10

Students learn about electricity and how it powers our world, from Faraday’s Coil to our modern energy economy. Students take turns generating electricity on their own with different hand-powered activities. In middle school and up, we'll bring our energy bike into the classroom for students to try lighting bulbs by pedal power!

Home Heat Transfer | grades 6-12

Students consider how they can use less energy to heat their home while still keeping it at a comfortable temperature. Home Heat Transfer demonstrates the concepts of thermal energy transfer and familiarizes students with different insulation materials and their roles in heat transfer and slowing heat loss. After exploring data from four model houses with various levels of insulation and sealing, students test and investigate the thermal characteristics of insulating and air-sealing materials under different conditions. Home Heat Transfer for high school also highlights a home heating challenge, where students play the role of new homeowners, researching and “purchasing” weatherization improvements for their new home.

We recommend that middle school teachers use our Home Heat Transfer Storyline to accompany the in-class workshop. VEEP/NHEEP loans a kit that includes materials to accompany the storyline, run the engineering challenge where students are asked to construct the most energy efficient model house, as well as provide materials for anticipated student investigations including conduction and convection experiment, combustion demos, and modeling climate science experiments.


Green Energy Careers | grades 10-12

Give your students a hands-on overview of the tools, concepts, and pathways that lead to careers in energy efficiency or a more sustainable economy. This workshop asks students to engage with informational materials addressing the future of green careers, climate goals in New England, and what all of this data suggests for their own employment opportunities. It then introduces tools, equipment, and concepts that are essential to many energy efficiency careers, specifically thermal, electrical and lighting efficiency. After interacting with infrared cameras, lighting technologies, a home-audit simulation game, and other hands-on equipment, students choose to explore the specifics of various career pathways that pique their interest. An informational packet including certification, licensure and education programs will be provided to participating classrooms, enabling easy follow-up for interested students. 


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