Energy Audit and Action

Our 2020 Poster invites students to investigate their energy use and pledge to make a difference.

Energy Audit and Action activities

The poster and accompanying lessons/activities were designed to be used by students on their own or in the classroom. Click here for a complete set of activities/lessons for each of the highlighted energy sectors with a focus on data informed action in the home, and ideas and resources for larger scale Energy Action projects.  

Energy, Economy, Climate & You Poster:  Full sized or print-ready

Poster quarters: 
Knowing that schooling looks different in 2020/21, we have designed our poster with 4 quadrants that can be individually printed from a school or home printer, or can be downloaded for digital use. 

Or you can download the full-size poster:

Request printed copies of these posters by e-mailing with details of how many you are requesting.

Footnotes and data background for the poster
Thanks to Energy Action Network for the initial data used in this poster!
The data underlying this poster is found in this spreadsheet.  
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