Youth Climate Leaders Academy

Teen girls at YCLA Are you ready to take action on climate change?

The Youth Climate Leaders Academy is designed to support high school students in planning and implementing projects that make a difference on climate change. We’ll help you with where to start, how to plan, and how to grow and use professional skills to make your project successful. During our kick-off retreat sessions, we’ll have opportunities to get inspired, collaborate, have fun, and grow the transferable skills you’ll need as a current and future climate leader. This time includes project planning, a variety of project skills workshops, professional project consultations, and collaboration (see past year’s agenda below). Post kick-off support includes follow-up meetings that offer additional community and technical support to keep projects moving forward. 

If you are in high school and want to make a difference on climate change and are looking to collaborate and grow the skills needed to make it happen, we look forward to having you be a part of the Youth Climate Leaders Academy. Dual Enrollment credits and coordination with school based personalized learning are available options for this program (see below).

Fall 2022

New This Year!

Join other NH students interested in energy and climate action.  We'll discuss our project ideas and plans, help each other troubleshoot, and build a support community of like-minded folks.  Students/schools who attend this NH Launch are welcome and encouraged to also attend the Kick-Off Retreat.

YCLA NH Launch
Friday, Sep 30th (times TBD)
The Harris Center, Hancock NH


Kick-Off Retreat (all VT & NH schools welcome)
Friday & Saturday, Dec 2nd & 3rd (times TBD)
Hulbert Outdoor Center, Fairlee VT


Examples of the Academy from previous years:






Dual Enrollment: We offer the option of using your project as the basis of a course offered through Castleton University, for which you can use a dual enrollment voucher. If you are interested in this option, please indicate in your registration or email for more info. If your school has an option for personalized learning or service-learning, we can also work with you and the coordinator at your school to help you to earn credit for your project work.

Info for teachers: The Youth Climate Leaders Academy is designed to flexibly support students with any climate-related goals reflected in their Personalized Learning Plans or service learning requirements, as well as serving to develop the transferable skills identified as graduation requirements. We work flexibility within and in complement to any personalized and individualized learning credit opportunities available to your students, if they choose to take that route with their project work.

Fees: $50 per participant (contact us if this is a barrier for your team)

Transportation: If transportation to the venue is going to be an impediment, please reach out to us.


Thanks to the Harris Center for their generous donation of space for the NH Launch.

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    Friday September 30th - Harris Center, Hancock, NH
    Friday & Saturday December 2nd-3rd - Hulbert Center, Fairlee, VT
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